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  • Oral-B Interdental Brushes

    Oral-B Interdental Brushes

    For very fine tooth gaps & tight spaces.
    Cleans where your toothbrush cannot reach.
    - Deep cleaning bristles to remove food and plaque
    - Removes plaque from hard to reach places
    - Helps keep gums healthy by removing plaque along the gum line
    - Reusable - interdental brushes are reusable and cost effective compared to single use disposables.

    $0.00-$0.00 MSRP

  • Oral-B Satin Tape

    Flossing action for a fresh clean feeling

    Learn about Oral-B SATINtape instantly feels different as it releases a burst of freshness on contact that lets you know it is working. Its unique wide satin-like ribbon is comfortable to handle. It effectively cleans out plaque and particles between your teeth, so your teeth feel squeaky clean.


  • Oral-B Essential Dental Floss

    Reaches and removes plaque in the places your brush can’t.

    Brushing alone can't get to all the hard-to-reach places where plaque builds up. But Oral-B EssentialFloss can. With its light wax coating and its shred-resistant texture, it slides easily between your teeth. It helps clean the tough-to-get plaque away.


  • Oral-B SuperFloss®

    Ideal for cleaning braces, bridges and wide gaps between teeth.

    Oral-B Super Floss is ideal for cleaning braces, bridges and wide gaps between teeth. Its three unique components—a stiffened-end dental floss threader, spongy floss and regular floss—all work together for maximum benefits.


  • Oral-B Ultra Dental Floss Mint

    Helps you start flossing right with pre-measured strands and a fluffy texture.

    It is hard to know how to floss right. Oral-B has designed UltraFloss to help make flossing simple and comfortable, from the very first time.

    UltraFloss comes pre-measured, so you always get just the right length. And it is made of a unique fluffy material designed to avoid irritation, which stretches thin to glide between the teeth, then springs back to clean away plaque.

    UltraFloss makes a daily flossing easier, morning or evening when you brush, and helps your teeth and gums stay healthy.


  • Oral-B Interdental Kit

    Special design for comfortable handling

    Easy to use snap-lock head holds brush firmly in place.

    1.Insert brush between teeth and interdental space and/or dental appliance.
    2.Using a soft back-and-forth motion, remove plaque and food particles.
    3.Discard brush when bristles become worn.
    4.Coated refill brushes available in two sizes: cylindrical and tapered.