The average person brushes
30-60 seconds vs 2 minutes
as dentists recommend

of people miss
at least one area
of their mouth
when brushing

of people
miss their
back molars

when brushing


GENIUS AI Electric Toothbrush powered by Artificial Intelligence

tracks where you brush and gives you real-time feedback for your best results every day.

Connect your GENIUS AI with Oral-B app

Our best Electric Toothbrush
"Letting you know 'you missed a spot' could change your brushing habits enough
to make your smile better – or at least make your next dentist
appointment cheaper."
- Tech Radar, 2019 -
High-tech toothbrush

“WOW! Never would I imagine a
toothbrush could be so technologically
advanced! […] The app tells you if you've
brushed with too much pressure, not long
enough & even which teeth to focus more
on! […] The case is classy, the toothbrush
is stylish but most importantly, the results
are fantastic!”

Hoolia2, Australia
Amazing toothbrush!

“I was skeptical about how good an
electric toothbrush really was […]
This toothbrush made me realize
how much of my whole mouth I was actually
missing or not cleaning enough and for
long enough[…] Very impressed with
this toothbrush…”

JoE012, Australia
No more toothbrush cheating …

“I thought the Oral-B Genius AI
Electric Toothbrush was brilliant!
It showed me where I needed to pay
more attention with the picture
on my phone and even gave me
a score based on my brushing…”

NatalieMac6, Australia

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